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The step-by-step AI policy generator for the Harvard Graduate  School of Education.

Designed to streamline the policy creation process, this custom AI policy builder seamlessly integrates with HGSE's existing academic integrity framework. The tool guides instructors, regardless of their familiarity with AI, in crafting clear and effective AI policies for their courses.

Why do I need an AI policy?

A clear AI policy clarifies academic expectations, enhances communication, and fosters open dialogue about the use of AI, ensuring a productive educational environment.

Empower student learning

Clear AI policies help s tudents effectively manage their coursework and utilize AI tools responsibly.

Facilitate policy communication

Well-defined AI policies reduce confusion and inquiries, allowing students to concentrate on their learning.

Encourage constructive discourse

Transparent guidelines promote open discussions about the beneficial use of AI in education.

Ready to get started?

If you are interested in beginning the process of creating a policy - start by viewing a sample policy, or creating your own. Within the policy builder, you're able to make changes directly, customize your sections, and reorder as needed.

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